Louis C.K. Offers His Comedy Special for Only $5

He may be selling out multiple dates at Madison Square Garden, but Louis C.K. isn’t letting that go to his head.

The 47-year-old Mexican American standup comedian/actor is offering a comedy special, shot at a club, for only $5.

Louis C.K.

If you pre-ordered Louis C.K. Live at the Comedy Store, you received the hour-long video in your inbox on Tuesday. If not, well it’s still available to purchase right now for that same price at his official website.

“This special kind of goes back to when I used to just make noises and be funny for no particular reason. It felt right to shoot this special in a club to give it that live immediate intimate feeling,” C.K. wrote in the official post. The opening act is Jay London, “one of my favorite club comics going way back to the late 80s when I first started in working in New York,” according the Emmy-winning creator, writer, director and star of FX’s Louie.

And if you do purchase Louis C.K.’s sixth hour-long special, you’ll get a very long email that details why the Comedy Store is still the only club that gives him butterflies, how he hustled through comedy scenes throughout America over the past 30 years, and why he thinks Abraham Lincoln was the country’s first comedian.

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