Louis C.K.’s Latest Comedy Special Available Online…

Louis C.K. is one of the most revered comics of the modern era… And, he’s apparently one of the smartest, too.

To give anxious fans instant access to his recent material, the 44-year-old part-Mexican comedian/actor has released Louis C.K. Live at the Beacon Theater straight to the internet.

Louis C.K.

The one-hour comedy special starts with Louis making his own kind of please-turn-off-your-cell-phone announcement and a warning not to text or tweet during the show: “Just live your life,” he says. And it builds to a moment where he has to pause and say, “Okay, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever said. It’s good to know I’ve hit bottom.”

Louis, who received an Emmy nomination for his starring role in FX’s comedy series Louie, is offering the one-hour special on his own website for only $5.

By purchasing the special, you’ll be able to stream it twice in your browser or download it twice as an unprotected MPEG 4 video file. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to view the special as often as you’d like, put it on your iPad or even burn it to a DVD.

But he asks that you please not illegally download it.

“I’d just like you to consider this: I made this video extremely easy to use against well-informed advice,” says the comedian. “I was told that it would be easier to torrent the way I made it, but I chose to do it this way anyway, because I want it to be easy for people to watch and enjoy
this video in any way they want without ‘corporate” restrictions.’”

To download the special, simply visit www.louisck.net.

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