Machado to Star in NBC’s “Welcome to the Family” Pilot

She shared scenes with Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives… And now Justina Machado will be acting alongside Longoria’s TV husband.

The Puerto Rican actress has been cast as one of the leads in NBC’s comedy pilot Welcome to the Family. She’ll portray Ricardo Chavira’s ex-wife in the project, which also stars Mike O’Malley and Mary McCormack.

Justina Machado

Machado’s character Lisette works at the Department of Motor Vehicles and is committed to co-parenting her son with her ex-husband Miguel (Chavira).

The project chronicles just how two cultures collide when a white family and a Latino family are united by their children, who fare falling in love must deal with an unplanned pregnancy.

It’s Machado’s latest pilot project this season, following her casting in USA’s Paging Dr. Freed project.

Machado’s television credits include HBO’s Six Feet Under, ER and Three Rivers.

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