Manchester United Set to Sign Marc Jurado from FC Barcelona

Marc Juradois switchingsides

The 16-year-old Spanish tennis phenom has turned down the chance to extend his contract with FC Barcelona to join Manchester United this summer, according to ESPN.

Marc Jurado

Jurado became eligible for a professional contract in April, when he turned 16 but he turned down Barca‘s offer.

The Spanish champions proposed a three-year deal, worth €60,000 annually in the first year rising to €100,000 by the third year of the contract, in addition to a €200,000 bonus if he made his debut for the B team in that time.

But Jurado, a right-back who spent this season with the club’s U16team, has instead accepted an offer to move to Premier League side United.

As his non-professional terms with Barca expire this summer, the English club will only have to pay a small amount of compensation in development rights, which one source says is likely to be less than €200,000.

The youth football season has been brought to an end in Spaindue to the coronavirus pandemic, so Jurado has already played his last game for Barca.

Barca have lost academy players to Manchester City previously, with Eric Garcia and Adria Bernabe both leaving for the Etihad

United, meanwhile, signed Arnau Puigmal from Barcelona-based Espanyol two years ago.

Jurado, therefore, becomes the first player to leave La Masiafor United before making a first-team appearance for Barca since Gerard Pique, who headed to Manchester in 2004 at age 17.

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