Manuelle Releases Moving Video for His Latest Single, “Algo le pasa a mi héroe,”

It’s a bittersweet Father’s Day for Victor Manuelle

The 46-year-old Puerto Rican salsa singer has released the official music video for “Algo le pasa a mi héroe,” which he wrote and recorded not only as an homage to his father, but also to raise awareness about the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease both on patients and caretakers.

Victor Manuelle

A few years ago, Manuelle’s dad, Victor Ruiz, was diagnosed with Alzheiemer’s. The hardship and brutal reality of the disease was beautifully personalized in the new song, “Algo le pasa a mi héroe.”

Manuelle filmed a moving video, starring Puerto Rican actor Jacobo Morales, that shows the day to day life and times of an Alzheimer’s patient. For maximum effect, he partnered with Puerto Rico’s Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Association for a campaign titled: “They forget, but you shouldn’t.”

For the single’s release last March, Manuelle stood at a street corner in San Juan and personally distributed 50,000 copies of the song to cars and passers-by.

“Everywhere I went, I found someone affected by this disease,” says Manuelle. “We wanted to take the message to the world. I really didn’t know what was going to happen, but the support has been overwhelming.”

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