Mariah Carey Releases Cover of Irene Cara’s “Out Here On My Own”

Mariah Carey is going deep into her vault of music…

The 51-year-old half-Venezuelan American singer has released a cover of Irene Cara‘s “Out Here On My Own” from Fame.

Mariah Carey

The track was one of Carey’s musical north stars as a child, so she decided to release her cover of the song.

Early Friday morning Carey tweeted, “from the depths of the vault,” with a peek at the studio log from July 17, 2000, that included her tracking the Cara song during the sessions for a soundtrack album that was originally titled All That Glitters

The song will now appear as track eight on the upcoming The Rarities collection, which is due out on Oct. 2.

This week, Carey gave a preview of her upcoming memoir, The Meaning of Mariah, revealing the critical role that the movie musical played in her career.

Her tweet included a look at a section in the book in which she talks about her early days, which were molded by the memorable Irene Cara ballad from the 1980 movie.

“The fact that I believed I could become a successful artist is one of my greatest strengths,” the page she showed off read. “Around the same time, my mother entered me in a talent competition in the city, and I sang one of my favorite songs, ‘Out Here on My Own,” by Irene Cara. I felt ‘Out Here on My Own’ described my entire life, and I loved singing that way — singing to reveal a piece of my soul. And I won doing it. At that age. I lived for the movie Fame, and Irene Cara was everything to me.”

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