Mariah Carey Releases Remix EPs of “Emotions” and “Make It Happen” as #MC30 Celebration Continues

Mariah Carey is makin’ it happen all over again…

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the 50-year-old half-Venezuelan American songstress’ debut album, Carey has released two more remix EPs for her No. 1 hit “Emotions” and her No. 5 hit “Make It Happen.”

Mariah Carey

A week ago, Mimi dropped two unreleased remix EPs of “Someday” and “Way,” which was previously only available in the United Kingdom, to keep up the celebration of her debut eponymous album turning 30 last month.

Today, she’s out with the 12″ club mix and C&C club mix of “Emotions,” as well as the special motion edit, C&C dub-dub mix and 12″ instrumental. C&C represents the dance duo C+C Music Factory consisting of Robert Clivillés and David Cole, who co-wrote and -produced both of these singles with her in 1991 from her sophomore album Emotions.

The “Make It Happen” vintage makeover features six versions, two live mixes from her Madison Square Garden performance in 1995 and VH1 Divas Live from 1998; the radio, extended and dub versions; and a C&C classic mix.

In kicking off the Emotions era, the 50-year-old megawatt star also released her live performance video of “Can’t Let Go” from Top of the Pops, which she declared on Twitter is “Still one of my favorite songs to this day,” as well as the remastered music videos for “Emotions” and “Make It Happen.”

Carey’s #MC30 celebration began two weeks ago on July 17 when she released The Live Debut – 1990, a four-song EP featuring the songstress’ vocals from her first live show at New York’s Club Tatou.

Carey’s self-titled debut studio album was released on June 12, 1990, by Columbia Records. It earned her two Grammy awards, including Best New Artist.

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