Martin Releasing Official “Adios” Music Video on Twitter

Ricky Martin is bidding “adios” to Twitter

No, the 42-year-old Puerto Rican superstar isn’t quitting the social networking site.

Ricky Martin

On Monday night, he’s actually set to launch the official music video for his latest single “Adios” on Twitter.

Martin’s followers will be able to check out the video’s premiere on, as well as take part in a Q&A session on his official Twitter account starting at 2300 GMT Monday.

It’s no surprise Martin has selected Twitter as the outlet for the video’s premiere. In the past year, more than a million tweets have been posted mentioning the former Menudo band member, who takes the utmost advantage of social networks to stay in touch with his fans.

In the video, Martin, who in the past few days has posted pictures and previews of this world premiere under the label #AdiosVideo, recalls the flourishing arts of the 1930s.

Filmed in Los Angeles under the direction of Ethan Ladder, the video presents Martin as five different characters: policeman, bartender, bodyguard, gangster and singer.

He’s accompanied in the video by more than 50 extras and dancers from the musical revue The Harlow Gold Show, created by Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone. That show pays tribute to exploration, the female form and burlesque.

The clip is staged at Harvelle’s, a California tavern that opened as a speakeasy in 1931 during the Prohibition era.

“Adios,” the first single from Martin’s upcoming disc that goes on sale in early 2015, is influenced by rhythms from around the world and was produced by Jesse Shatkin, Yotuel Romero, Antonio Rayo and Martin.

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