Mendes’ “The Place Beyond the Pines” Trailer Released…

Eva Mendes is heading to the place beyond the pines with Ryan Gosling this spring…

Focus Features has released the trailer for The Place Beyond the Pines,  which stars the 38-year-old Cuban-American actress as Gosling’s baby mama.

Eva Mendes in The Place Beyond the Pines II

Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the indie film tells the story of how the crimes of one generation trickle down to the next. Gosling plays a pro motorcycle rider-turned bank-robber, while Bradley Cooper plays the police offer determined to catch him.

It’s also the film where love apparently blossomed off-screen for Mendes and Gosling, who have been dating since September 2011.

The film had critics floored at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival and even generated some comparisons to the generational crime drama, The Godfather.

The Place Beyond the Pines is slated to open in limited release on March 29.

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