Mendez Signs with the United Talent Agency

Tony Mendez is a Hollywood darling…

The 72-year-old retired CIA officer, the man played by Ben Affleck in Argo who orchestrated the plan to smuggle six diplomatic workers out of Iran, has signed on with the United Talent Agency.

Tony Mendez

Mendez – who earned a Scripter Award for Argo, an award given to the screenwriters and the author of the material on which the script is based – has written three memoirs about his CIA experiences. His Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA was one of two sources for the film’s screenplay.

UTA will represent Mendez and his wife Joanna, also a former CIA agent, in film, television and all other media.

Mendez’s Argo experience was a well-kept secret until it was declassified, and the CIA power couple had other undercover adventures.

UTA will be working closely with the couple’s publishing agent and producing partner to represent them as well as the declassified stories from their careers.

Mendez’s Master Of Disguise was the first-ever memoir from a top operative to be authorized by the CIA.

The couple also wrote Spy Dust, a true-life thriller that talks about how they fell in love and got married during the last chapter of the Cold War.

The Mendez’s, who helped advise the development of the International Spy Museum in Washington DC, continue to train and consult to the agency community.

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