Michael Douglas & Orlando Bloom to Star Opposite Rapace in “Unlocked”

Noomi Rapace has unlocked the secret to the co-stars in her upcoming film…

Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom have signed on to star opposite the 34-year-old half-Spanish actress in filmmaker Michael Apted’s thriller Unlocked.

Noomi Rapace

The film centers on a CIA interrogator who unwittingly provides information to terrorists planning to wage a biological warfare attack on London.

Apted is set to begin shooting Nov. 3 from a script by Peter O’Brien. In the film, the CIA officer, played by Repace, rushes to stop the attack.

“I am delighted to introduce this fresh, smart European thriller to buyers in Toronto,” said Alex Walton, who is representing international rights and are pre-selling the project to foreign buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival. “With three major studio movies in production, Noomi Rapace is becoming one of the hottest female international stars working today. When you add Michael Apted, Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom, you have a commercial package that I am confident will draw strong interest.”

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