Modern Bratt

If you”ve been hoping to see Benjamin Bratt back on ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family,”  you’re in luck! Bratt’s expected to make an appearance in an episode airing this fall, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Bratt’s character Javier — the ex-husband of Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and absentee father of Manny (Rico Rodriguez) — will spend a day at the races with the Pritchett-Delgado clan.

In the episode, “Jay (Ed O’Neill) feels possessive of Manny for the first time and wonders what he’s allowed to do and what he isn’t as his step-dad,” hints exec producer Christopher Lloyd. “The [racetrack] backdrop becomes kind of a competition between Jay and Javier for Manny.”

Season 3 of Emmy-award winning sitcom is  scheduled to begin on September 21.

Bratt, who’s most famous for his role as Rey Curtis on the “Law & Order,” will also be a series regular on ABC’s “Private Practicethis season.

So it looks like you’ll have plenty of chances to see the 47-year-old half-Peruvian heartthrob in the coming months!

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