mun2 to Air Footage of Rivera’s Last Concert on “I Love Jenni”

Here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of footage from the late Jenni Rivera’s last concert.

This Sunday, May 19, mun2 will broadcast the concert the late Mexican American singer gave just before getting on the plane that crashed shortly after takeoff, taking the lives of the artist and another six people, as part of the final season of the network’s hit series I Love Jenni.

Jenni Rivera

Rivera’s show in Monterrey, Mexico, included songs that she dedicated to her fans and to her daughter Chiquis.

Along with the concert footage, the episode will feature backstage shots of the singer and businesswoman celebrating the show’s success with her crew.

In addition, the episode includes pictures of how the family took the news of the deadly plane crash in northern Mexico.

The singer had filmed five of the scheduled 17 episodes for the third season of the I Love Jenni series, which debuted in March 2011 and in which the artist shared with fans details of her family life and artistic career.

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