Natti Natasha: Reggaeton’s Next Big Star

It may be a traditionally male-dominated genre… But that hasn’t stopped Natti Natasha from carving out her place in the world of reggaeton.

The 25-year-old Dominican singer, who credits her musical godfather Don Omar and his record label with helping her make her mark in the genre.

Natti Natasha

“It is a privilege to be with the company and to be supported by such a recognized artist as Don Omar, since I consider him a brother and a teacher, because he has taught me much through his own experiences,” Natasha, whose real name is Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista, recently told Efe in an interview with Efe.

Natasha says the opportunity to be part of the Orfanato Music Group came two years ago, when Don Omar walked into the New York studio where she’d just recorded a song with producer Link-On.

After listening to the track, the reggaeton star called her and asked that she come back to the studio, where he greeted her warmly and praised her work with Link-On.

The video of Natasha’s  first single with Don Omar, “Dutty Love,” has logged more than 34 million hits on YouTube, and the cut will be part of Orfanato’s upcoming release Meet The Orphans: The Next Generation.

From an early age, Natasha—who attended the School of Fine Arts in Santiago when she was only 8—has always had an enormous admiration for artists like Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill and Jerry Rivera, and felt great admiration and affection for Hill, who she still calls one of her favorites.

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