New York Mets Add Uribe to the Team’s Roster for the World Series

Juan Uribe is suiting up…

The 36-year-old New York Mets infielder has been added to the team’s roster for the World Series in place of backup shortstop Matt Reynolds.

Juan Uribe

Uribe hasn’t appeared in a game since leaving a pinch-hitting opportunity on September 25 in Cincinnati with a flare-up of a chest injury. He originally suffered cartilage damage five days earlier while diving for a grounder at second base.

Acquired with Kelly Johnson in a trade with the Atlanta Braves on July 24, Uribe is the sole player on the Mets roster to have won a World Series, and the Mets value his presence in the dugout and clubhouse. He earned titles in 2005 with the Chicago White Sox and 2010 with the San Francisco Giants.

Although Uribe hit a modest .219 in 128 at-bats after joining the Mets, he also had six homers and 20 RBIs, including clutch production off the bench.

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