Nicky Jam Buys School Building in New Jersey

Nicky Jam’s investing in real estate…

The 39-year-old Puerto Rican and Dominican American singer has bought a property in Paterson, New Jersey.

Nicky Jam

Nick Jam announced to his nearly 40 million followers on Instagram that he’d bought an entire school edifice.

“From being expelled from school to buying a school,” he captioned the post in Spanish. “If I can, you can.”

In the photo, Nicky Jam poses in front of the 80-unit building alongside real estate investor, developer, and consultant Cesar Piña.

“He sees all the potential and opportunity I see in my city,” Piña wrote on his Instagram. “Big things coming casa/musica connection,” he added, hinting at a music and home project.

Nicky Jam, New Jersey School

No word yet on what exactly Nicky Jam plans to do with the property.

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