Nolasco Returning for Season Two of ABC’s Drama “American Crime”

There’s more crime in Elvis Nolasco’s future…

The Dominican actor is returning for the second season of ABC’s drama American Crime.

Elvis Nolasco

Nolasco, who portrayed addict Carter Nix on the show’s first season, and fellow standout Richard Cabral join returning cast members Timothy Hutton, Regina King and Felicity Huffman. Those actors returning for Season 2 of American Crime will play new characters in a new setting. 

“After playing individuals on the fringes of the law, Season 2 will offer complete role reversals for both Elvis and Richard,” American Crime executive producer John Ridley told Deadline. “Elvis playing a fundamentally good man scapegoated by the system in which he works. Richard as someone who takes it upon himself to stand for the rights of others, even if it means he stands alone. Elvis and Richard both gave revelatory performances last year, and we are so happy to have them rejoining Felicity, Tim and Regina.”

While the first season followed the aftermath of a murder in Modesto, CA, Season 2 will film in Austin, with production likely to begin in July.

In terms of season 2’s exact locale, Ridley says the story takes place “in the Midwest, which is where I grew up…it’s a place that when you hear it, there’s no preconceived notions.”

Ridley told Deadline previously that King’s character in Season 2 “is going to be at the center of a story that deals with physicality, sexuality and societal boundaries with the same urgency as our first season dealt with race and faith.”

Further expounding on season 2’s themes, Ridley added during the American Crime Q&A that season 2 will also deal with “sexual orientation and boundaries as it relates to young people and the system that we hope has the best interests of our families and hearts.”


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