Olguín to Direct English-Language Version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

Jorge Olguín is (hunch)back with a new project…

The Chilean horror filmmaker is set to direct an English version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Jorge Olguín

The ambitious project, with a more than $2 million budget, could make Olguín a bigger name in the U.S.

“I really think it’s what will catapult [him] to the next level,” said Olguín’s U.S. agent Chris Sablan of Original Artists.

Sablan’s client Peter Carlisle is penning the screenplay for the film tentatively titled The Hunchback.

“Visually he wants to shoot it a la Sin City, but storywise it’s Batman meets Sherlock Holmes,” said Sablan.

Talks are underway between Sablan and potential U.S. co-producers.

Olguin is also on track to film Indolencia, a self-written project based on the true case of a serial killer who murdered 16 young girls in Chile’s Atacama Desert region.

“This is probably my next film, which will shoot in early 2015,” said Olguín.

In 2002, Olguín released Sangre Eterna, a vampire film that became a cult classic and one of the highest grossing Latin American horror films.

He most recently worked on Whispers in the Forest, Chile’s first 3D feature.

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