Orion Pictures Acquires Andres & Diego Meza-Valdés’ Horror Pitch “Casa”

Andres Diego Meza-Valdés’ project has found a new home…

Orion Pictures has acquired Casa, a horror pitch from the Latino sibling filmmakers, whose profile has been on the rise in genre circles after the success of their three shorts: BoniatoThe Room and Play Dead.

Andres & Diego Meza-Valdés

The Miami natives will be making their feature-film directorial debut with Casa, which is described as a socially conscious horror thriller with an intergenerational tale centering on a Latino family.

Diego said the project also reflects the brothers’ sense of heritage within the genre-film community: “My brother and I have been genre fans our whole lives growing up in Miami. We are excited that we get to make such a terrifying story with a filmmaker-supportive group and especially the Orion brand that we’re such fans of.”

The Meza brothers caught the eye of genre followers after Boniato premiered as part of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival’s Midnight section, where it was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize. They co-directed the 22-minute film with Eric Mainade.

The Sundance entry summary for Boniato: “An illegal migrant worker decides it’s time to move on from picking crops and find a better job. Little does she know, insidious supernatural forces have a different plan for her. Some borders aren’t meant to be crossed.”

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