Ozuna Releases Atlantis-Inspired Video for “Del Mar,” Featuring Doja Cat & Sia

Ozuna is getting a little Vitamin Sea…

The 28-year-old Puerto Rican reggaeton and Latin trap singer has released the music video for his latest hip-shaking single “Del Mar,” featuring Doja Cat and Sia.

Ozuna, Doja Cat, Sia

The Atlantis-inspired video, directed by Nuno Gomes, sees Ozuna spending most of his time either floating on a pink raft on the surface or riding a subterranean train filled with a school of seaweed-draped dancers.

Meanwhile, Doja Cat appears as the queen of the sea. Rocking long blonde hair and a mesh diamond bodysuit, she takes center stage, with the elusive Sia dropping by in the form of a mystical hologram.

The special effects-laden visual filled with glowing octopi, bioluminescent sharks and sexy nymphs features Doja wearing sparkly pasties and futuristic bikinis as she explains to Ozuna how its gonna be inside her underwater kingdom.

A spectral Sia floats in for a guest verse from the cold depths.

“Del Mar” appears on Ozuna’s ENOC album.

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