Pabllo Vittar Joins Rina Sawayama for New “Comme Des Garçons” Remix

Pabllo Vittaris back with a hot new collaboration…

The 25-year-old Brazilian pop-singing drag queen has joined voices with Rina Sawayama for a new remix of her latest single “Comme Des Garçons.” 

Pabllo Vittar

In addition to Vittar, Sawayama’s latest remix also features Brazilian DJ Brabo, and a new sound for the infectious song.

The base of the original track remains, now filtered through a more club-ready beat and some experimental synths, while Vittar jumps in for a short bridge and to assist on Sawayama’s chorus. “Yeah, oh, girl, it’s okay/ You should never be ashamed to have it all,” Vittar sings.

In a statement released with the track, Sawayama said that she was very excited at just the prospect of working with Vittar. 

“I was totally shook that Pabllo wanted to be on this remix!” she said. “She is literally a modern icon and her vocals sound so powerful, she is one of my favourite voices in pop. I’m super glad it’s this song too because for me ‘Comme Des Garcons’ is about confidence and there’s no better person on this planet than Pabllo to elevate that. Also Brabo’s production, I CAN’T! Its just all so good and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do!”

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