Padrón Receives Carnegie Leadership Award

He’s been recognized as one of the nation’s foremost educators… And, now Dr. Eduardo Padrón has received a $500,000 prize for his leadership.

The Miami Dade College President has been honored the Carnegie Corporation Centennial Academic Leadership Award.

The 67-year-old educator—who arrived in the United States as a Cuban refugee at the age of 15—is one of only two higher education leaders in the country to receive the prestigious recognition, which includes $500,000 in unrestricted funds for the President to use for academic initiatives.

One of the nation’s most coveted honors, the award recognizes individuals who, in addition to fulfilling their administrative and managerial roles with dedication and creativity, have demonstrated outstanding commitment to excellence and equity in undergraduate education, the liberal arts, curricular innovation, reform of K-12 education and the promotion of strong links between their institution and their local communities.

Padrón’s work at Miami Dade College has been hailed as a model of innovation in higher education. He’s credited with engineering a culture of success that has produced impressive results in student access, retention, graduation and overall achievement. MDC enrolls and graduates more minorities, including Hispanics and African-Americans, than any other institution in the country.

He’s nationally respected for his advocacy on behalf of underserved populations in higher education, and his in-depth research report, “A Deficit of Understanding,” highlights the funding crisis that threatens access for low-income and minority students.

Dr. Padrón’s accomplishments at Miami Dade College have been touted by the national media, including The New York Times, Time, The Wall Street Journal and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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