Pena Jr. & Big Time Rush Release the Band’s “We Are” Music Video

Carlos Pena Jr. and his band mates are rushin’ back to the music scene with another fun music video…

The 23-year-old Spanish, Venezuelan and Dominican American singer/actor and his Big Time Rush band mates have released the official music video for their latest single “We Are.”

Carlos Pena Jr.

In the clip, Pena Jr., Logan Henderson, James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt appear performing at their concerts and entertaining fans.

It also gives behind-the-scene look at the band’s concerts. The band members are shown rehearsing on the stage, hanging out together and doing silly things like jumping on the trampolines and spraying string to each others.

“We Are,” a track co-written by Jeff Halavacs, Francisca Hall, Schmidt and Henderson, appears on Big Time Rush’s third album, 24/seven. The song appeared on the season 4 finale of Big Time Rush, the popular Nickelodeon sitcom starring Pena Jr. and the gang.

“As far as we know, this might have been the last season, fourth season. There’s nothing official,” said Maslow in an interview with MTV. “But either way, we’re focusing on tour, that’s our next mission and I believe we’ll do something after that but what it is specifically we’ll figure out after the tour is off the ground.”

The boys revealed their plans to take a holiday vacation after wrapping up their Big Time Tour on August 15 in Mexico. “We don’t know where,” said Pena. “But there will be booze…”

“Booze and boobs,” added Henderson and Schmidt. Maslow agreed, saying, “That’s pretty much what a vacation is all about.”

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