Pitbull Partners with Jerrod Niemann on “Drink To That All Night” Remix

Pitbull’s gone country…

The 33-year-old Cuban American rap superstar and collaboration king has joined voices with Jerrod Niemann on the remix of the country singer’s chart-topping single “Drink To That All Night.”


Gary Overton had called me, and said ‘We’re thinking about sending this to Pitbull for a remix. What do you think?’ I started laughing and thought ‘Sure.’ There are so many things that sometimes just fall in place,” says Niemann of the pop mix of the song, the first single from his latest album, High Noon.

Once Pitbull heard Niemann’s cut, he gave it an instant stamp of approval.

“He heard the song, and said he would do it. He sent the vocal and the mix. Then, when I first saw it on iTunes, I knew it was real and tangible. It was just one of those crazy moments. But, the craziest thing was when I went to Miami, and hung out with him and do a video. It was so cool just to meet him. He is such a hard worker. I was blown away at how compassionate, generous, and gracious he was to everybody there.”

And it looks like another collaboration between Pitbull and Niemann could happen in the near future.

“A couple of weeks ago, he called to ask if I would do another song with him – for his album. I just went in and did that. We hit it off, which was great. He told me loved country music, and he has a lot of connections in the military that love it, and they turned him on to it. He said he loves being a part of anything to do with Nashville, he’s just never had a chance to get out and about here, but he’s a really great guy.”

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