Pitbull Releases “3 To Tango” Video Featuring John Travolta

Pitbullis celebrating a little Saturday Night Feverin his latest music video…

The 38-year-old Cuban American rap superstar has released the official video for his new single “3 To Tango.” 


And Pitbull has brought in an extra special guest for a cameo appearance… the one and only John Travolta, who is never one to shy away from the dance floor. 

The video, for the most part, shows a bald man watching three beautiful women dance for him while he sips on an alcoholic drink. Some in-between scenes show a group of women, wearing black and red lingerie, doing a sultry dance routine. 

Fans are in for a real treat at the end of the clip, however, when the man in the music video — although there were hints that it was Pitbull — turns out to be Travolta all along. 

Adding some extra spice to the clip, the Hollywood actor, shows off his tango moves with each of the ladies before signing off with Pitbull’s signature saying, “dale!” 

Mr. 305 dropped his latest rumba-meets-tango track last week highlighting how one plus one equals three and how it takes three people (not two) to tango, ultimately turning his summer jam into a “lovefest.” 

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