Pitbull Reveals New Track “Fireball” on SoundCloud

Pitbull is a fireball of talent…

The 33-year-old Cuban American rap superstar has released a new track called “Fireball” from his upcoming album Globalization.


The track, which was released on Pitbull’s SoundCloud page, features guest vocals from singer-songwriter John Ryan.

“Fireball” is an upbeat and highly-danceable track that’s seemingly inspired by Brazilian music.

“I saw I came I conquered/ Or should I saw I conquered I came/ This little chico on fire he ain’t no lie/ While y’all slippin’ he’s runnin’ the game,” Pitbull raps over the horns and clanging percussion.

Ryan’s vocals then emerge on the hook, singing, “I was born in a flame/ I’mma say that every world will know my name/ I’m the best you never had/ If you think I’m burning out, I never am/ I’m on fire.”

Globalization is Pitbull’s eighth studio album. It’s scheduled for release this fall via RCA Records.

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