Ponce Added to the Main Cast of ABC’s “Cristela”

Carlos Ponce could be returning to English-language television in a hot project at ABC..

The 41-year-old Puerto Rican singer/actor and telenovela star has joined the cast of ABC’s semi-autobiographical comedy project Cristela.

Carlos Ponce

Co-created by rising stand-up comedian Cristela Alonzo, the series centers on Cristela (Alonzo), an American Latina straddling two cultures while not fully belonging to either.

No word yet on Ponce’s character in Cristela, which received a green light last month on what the network described as a “proof of concept” for the project.

In addition to Alonzo and Ponce, the main cast will also include Terri Hoyos, Roxana Ortega and Andrew Leeds. Meanwhile, newcomer Sarah Halford has landed a recurring role in the project.

Ponce’s English-language television credits include Hollywood Heights, Lipstick Jungle and 7th Heaven.

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