Prince Royce Records New Video in the Big Apple…

Prince Royce isn’t afraid to brave the bitter cold for his music…

The 22-year-old Dominican-American singer/songwriter returned to a frosty New York—where he was born and raised—to record the video for “Las cosas pequeñas,” which will be the first single on his upcoming Spanish-language album, the follow-up to his smash debut albumThe scene was a far cry from the beach video he shot for his first English single, “Addicted.”

Prince Royce, who is set to release an English-language album in April, filmed the video in New York City’s Central Park—a spot that holds a special place in his heart.

“I grew up in the Bronx and I always remember being here, in Central Park, writing songs and dreaming about the day that I could sing on the radio and be a hit,” the singer told EFE. “It’s a place that brings back so many memories.”

Prince Royce had to brave hours of the bitter cold weather to film the video… But that didn’t stop him from taking photos with fans during breaks in filming. After all, he’s ready to continue working hard in 2012.

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