Puerta Starring in “La Mariposa” Telenovela

Maria Adelaida Puerta will soon find herself on the wrong side of the law…

The 30-year-old Colombian actress – who captivated audiences with her role as La Perrys in the action series El Capo – is set to return to television as a sophisticated drug trafficker who falls in love with a U.S. agent in a new telenovela.

Maria Adelaida Puerta

La Mariposa is a series about money laundering and at the same time a love story that takes place under some rather odd circumstances,” Puerta recently told Efe.

Alicia Benitez, better known as The Butterfly, “is a socialite who had the chance to study outside of Colombia,” the actress explained. “She’s a very intelligent woman who, because of her ambitious nature, decided to get into money laundering, thinking that it would be easy and that everything is a game.”

La Mariposa: Amores que Matan is a telenovela in 60 episodes produced by Fox Telecolombia for RCN television and filmed in Colombia, Mexico and Miami.

After airing for Colombian viewers beginning December 4, it will be transmitted to an audience in the United States over the MundoFox network.

“Each character is a universe so different from the actor who plays it and is also different from all the other characters in the novela, so it’s quite a challenge to play them,” said Puerto.

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