Ramirez Lending Her Voice to Disney’s New Princess Project…

Sara Ramírez will reportedly be experiencing a little royal treatment in the future

Sara Ramirez

The 36-year-old Mexican-American Grey’s Anatomy actress will reportedly voice the role of the mother in a new television series about Disney’s newest princess Sofia, the company’s first non-adult princess.

Sofia the First is Disney’s upcoming made-for-TV movie and follow-up television series, which centers on the young girl whose mother marries a king. Sofia—who gains two stepsiblings, Amber and James, in her mother’s union—must learn how to maneuver in the oh-so-posh world of royalty.

Disney Sofia The First

Disney’s Senior Vice President and Original Programming and General Manager of Disney Junior Worldwide Nancy Kanter calls Sofia a “peer to peer princess” – a “relatable” girl who experiences the same social issues as Disney Junior’s young viewers.

Lessons will reportedly include how to make friends and build relationships with siblings.

The television movie for Sofia the First is set to premiere next year. Meanwhile, the series, with Ramírez’s remarkable voice, is reportedly set to launch in 2013.

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