Reik Joins Voices with Maluma for New Track “Amigos Con Derechos”

Reik is making sweet music with a new Amigo

The Mexican band is already killing it when it comes to the romantic/urban genre, and now they’ve joined voices with one Latin music’s biggest of-the-moment stars on a new track.

Maluma & Reik

Reik has partnered with superstar Maluma to release the song and video for “Amigos Con Derecho.

The new song, written by Julio Ramirez (Reik’s guitarist), Andres Castro and Servando Primera, tells the story of a couple who are in love but don’t want to give a title to their relationship. They just want to be friends with benefits.

“Amigos con Derechos” was released alongside a music video that carries a beautiful story of a young couple having a romantic date in Las Vegas that goes so well, they decide to get married. In the end, when she wakes up (as an old woman), everything seems to have been a dream — but it really wasn’t. The couple spent their whole life together.

“Amigos Con Derecho” is the fourth song that Reik has recorded with an urban artist.

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