Rivera to Help Launch Four-Part Comic Book Series Titled “The Valiant”

Paolo Rivera is taking on a valiant project…

The Eisner Award-winning Hispanic American comic book artist has partnered with Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire to launch a newly-announced four-part series titled The Valiant in December. 

Paolo Rivera

From publisher Valiant Entertainment, the new project will bring together characters from multiple Valiant series to confront what the publisher describes as “a monstrous force of nature [and] civilization killer.”

“It’s a huge thrill for me to now step into the Valiant Universe in a big way with the upcoming four-issue series,” Lemire said in a statement accompanying the announcement of the series. The Valiant, he said, would “not only serve as a great entry point for brand new readers to Valiant, but also enrich the existing universe and shake it up dramatically moving forward.”

“One of the major things that brought me to this project was the epic scale,” added Rivera, best known for his work on Marvel’s Daredevil. “Most of the stories I’ve worked on, even when action-packed, have been on the level of individuals. While our main characters are still the heart, this story spans epochs and realms, with consequences that, quite literally, affect the entire Earth.”

The series has been compared to DC’s Kingdom Come in terms of prestige, suggesting that it’s being created as an essentially standalone work that could be used as a gateway into the larger Valiant line; while the relaunched Valiant line has been receiving many critical plaudits since its 2012 debut, it has maintained a tight continuity across the entire line that could possibly make it seem less inviting to new readers.

The Valiant will be available in comic book stores and digitally this December.

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