Rivera’s “Filly Brown” Earns $1.36 Million In Its Debut Weekend

Jenni Rivera’s first and, sadly, last big screen acting debut is reporting strong numbers…

The late Mexican American singer’s music drama Filly Brown earned a hefty $1.36 million at the box office in only 188 theaters this weekend.


“The Filly fans really came out this weekend,” said Indomina Production exec Rob Williams. “We’re very happy with the per screen average and looking to expand the film into more markets this weekend. Sales were especially strong in Southwestern states.”

The film grossed $673K Friday but dropped to $405K Saturday. Women were far and away the big draw comprising 71% of the audience, and 41% were under 25.

The film’s $7,250 average is the highest PSA of any Pantelion release to date, the distributor pointed out. And the film landed #1 at 20 locations where it outgrossed the weekend’s number one film in the overall box office, Oblivion.

The screenings were followed by a live Q&A with Edward James Olmos and other members of the cast that were streamed to all locations.

Rivera, who died in a plane crash in Mexico last December, portrays the drug-addicted and incarcerated mother of the film’s main character, portrayed by Gina Rodriguez.

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