Rocca’s CBS News Role Expanding…

Mo Rocco is taking on a larger role at CBS News…

The 42-year-old half-Colombian comedian, writer and political satirist has been named a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning and the network’s other news programs, CBS News has announced.

Mo Rocca

Rocca—known for his satirical news reports and commentary— has served as a contributor for the news and entertainment program since 2006. But he’ll now be reporting for other CBS News broadcasts as well as continue reporting for CBS Sunday Morning.

“His title is correspondent, but we see Mo, as we see all our Sunday Morning contributors, as a ‘columnist,’ bringing his own unique – and it is unique – perspective to everything he does,” says CBS Sunday Morning executive producer Rand Morrison.

The former The Daily Show with Jon Stewart regular’s work includes commentaries on politics and pop culture, cover stories, features and profiles.

“I loved doing television field pieces and I’ve done a lot of them,” has previously stated Rocca about his reporting. “If you combine The Daily Show with The Tonight Show with my gig on Sunday Morning, I see them all as part of one continuum in a way. Three- to six-minute stories with my point of view… and participating in one degree or another in the story … I love doing that.”

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