Rodriguez, J.Lo’s Mom, Encourages Americans to Register for Universal Healthcare

Jennifer Lopez’s mother is part of a group of celebrity moms teaming up with the White House

Guadalupe Rodriguez, Adam Levine’s mom, Alicia Keys‘ mother, and Jonah Hill‘s mom have joined forces with the White House administration to urge Americans to register for universal healthcare before the deadline on March 31.

Jennifer Lopez & Guadalupe Rodriguez

Rodriguez and the other mothers sat down and recorded a video for the #YourMomCares series, where they discussed their celebrity children as youths.

“Young people feel invincible, and until something actually happens, they will continue to feel invincible,” Levine‘s mom Patsy Noah said in the video. “And unfortunately things do happen.”

“Please get covered,” adds J.Lo’s mom.

Michelle Obama also makes a cameo at the end of the video by saying “we nag you because we love you.”

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