Rosalia Releases Highly Anticipated “MOTOMAMI” Album

Rosalía is revvin’ it up…

The 28-year-old Spanish Grammy-winning singer and songwriter has released MOTOMAMI, the follow up to her acclaimed album El Mar Querer.

RosaliaIt’s the first album Rosalia, who made her official Saturday Night Live musical guest debut last weekend, releases since becoming an A-List artist who brought a new vision of flamenco that incorporated electronic and hip-hop music and subsequently earned critical raves and new fans across the globe.

El Mal Querer is a lot to live up to, and MOTOMAMI certainly delivers.

The album features new influences and sounds that naturally fall around her persona.

MOTOMAMI includes vocal showcases, dembow riffs, bachata breaks, starry-eyed pop, Auto-Tune crooning and some of the most spirited rapping you’ll hear anywhere in 2022, as Rosalía creates a sonic playground both unforeseen and breathtaking.

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