Saldaña May Soon Be Starring Opposite Christian Bale

She may be reportedly dating Bradley Cooper, but Zoë Saldaña may soon be spending a lot of time with another Hollywood A-list actor.

The 33-year-old half-Dominican/half-Puerto Rican American actress is thisclose to securing a role in the revenge drama Out of the Furnace, starring The Dark Knight’s Christian Bale.

Zoe Saldana

Saldaña is in talks to star as Bale’s ex-wife, a waitress now married to a town’s sheriff, according to Variety.

Meanwhile, the film’s producers are still looking for actors to play Bale’s uncle and younger brother. Sources say Robert Duvall could play the uncle, while Casey Affleck is the frontrunner to portray the brother. But no formal offers have been made to the two actors.

Out of the Furnace —a dark drama set in 1986 Indiana— centers on the protagonist is Slim, a newly freed man who wants to follow through on his promise to marry his long-suffering girlfriend. However, when he discovers his brother has been murdered after getting involved in a gambling racket, his goals change and he avenges the murder.

Saldaña, who last appeared in the female-centric action flick Colombiana, is currently busy working on J.J. Abramsuntitled Star Trek sequel, reprising her role as Nyota Uhura.

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