Sanchez Launches New Charitable Foundation, RS Events for Life

Roselyn Sanchez is bringing new life to her native Puerto Rico…

The 40-year-old Puerto Rican actress, who currently stars on Lifetime’s Devious Maids, has launched a foundation, RS Events for Life, for the purpose of collecting funds to help children and animals, according to her publicist.

Roselyn Sanchez

In one of the foundation’s first activities, the actress is organizing the Amazing Paw Paw Race Puerto Rico, which will be held on August 10. The event will benefit for the PetSOS Foundation.

“Guests will face the challenge of overcoming countless obstacles and of working their way through mazes with the clues provided,” said Sanchez in a statement.

Amazing Paw Paw Race Puerto Rico will be held in six municipalities on the island with the participation of about 100 people including clients, artists, special guests and the international press.

The event is solely for charity and the money raised will be donated to PetSOS to improved the installations of an animal shelter and organize the second massive spay and neuter campaign on the island to sterilize hundreds of dogs and cats belonging to needy families.

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