Sebastian Yatra & Monsta X Release New Single “Magnetic”

It’s a Monsta collaboration for Sebastian Yatra

The 25-year-old Colombian singer/songwriter has joined voices with K-pop boy band Monsta X for the new collaboration “Magnetic,” which was released Thursday.

Sebastian Yatra

It’s an EDMbop with waves of Latin urban undertones. The song’s lyrics are about the law of attraction, comparing a girl’s looks and aura to that of being very magnetic. 

Yatra sings his verses in Spanish while the K-pop sensations drop theirs in English — but they don’t shy away from singing in Spanish either.

The animated music video tells the story of a boy and girl who travel around the world and are finally united at the end. 

“Magnetic” marks the first collaboration between Monsta X and Yatra and the group’s sixth English-language release.

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