Sebastian Yatra Releases New Single “Tacones Rojos”

Sebastian Yatra is seeing rojo

The 27-year-old Colombian singer and songwriter has released his latest track “Tacones Rojos.”

Sebastian Yatra

Yatra’s new single, an upbeat pop-dance love song, starts off with electric guitar riffs followed by his plush and charming voice.

“The song was inspired by morning rays of light that enter through your window and can totally take you to a new and happy inspiring place,” Yatra said in a statement on writing the lyrics alongside Manuel Lorente.

The song was co-produced by Manuel Larra, Juanjo Monserrat, and Pablo Ross.

Above all else, this feel-good song is an ode the happiness that comes from finding that special someone who will light up your world: “My piece of sunshine/the girl of my eyes,” he chants in the chorus. —

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