Sebastian Yatra Teams Up with Alvaro Diaz on New Single “A Donde Van”

Sebastian Yatra isn’t going anywhere…

The 25-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter, who recently co-hosted this year’s Premios Juventud, has joined voices with Alvaro Diaz for the first time ever on “A Donde Van.”

Sebastian Yatra

On the new track, Yatra and Puerto Rico’s Diaz sing solely about unrequited love.

“Where do the kisses go? / The ones you didn’t know how to accept / And the stares that you never returned / I want to recuperate them,” says the chorus.

Fusing their both worlds, “A Donde Van” is a seductive mix of Latin pop and Hip-Hop, with hints of Flamenco.

“It is an unexpected collaboration, and each one of us went out of our comfort zones,” says Yatra of the new single. “That’s one of the cool things I love about music, discovering new facets.  The song deals with where the kisses go when they are given, what happens with the caresses, the moments and the memories, it makes you remember all the people who have passed through your life.”

The video for the new single is expected to be released on August 27 at 8:00 am.

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