Selena Gomez Releases Music Video for Latest Single “Back to You”

Selena Gomez is coming back to you

The 25-year-old Mexican-American singer/actress has released the music video for the latest single “Back to You” from the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack.

Selena Gomez 

In the clip, Gomez reenacts a sprightly grand theft auto with her dream beau. Following the premiere of the second season of the Netflix Original series, Gomez — the executive producer – channels Charlie Chaplin to execute the retro neon-colored clip.

The “Hands to Myself” singer stands in the corner of a party, wearing a green and purple sequined dress with a guy that can’t quite ruffle her feathered sleeves. Another blonde cutie catches her eye when she asks him privately “Do you want to steal a car?” He agrees, and they sneak away in a romantic getaway style, only to be ruined when he notices, “You know, you sort of look like Selena Gomez.”

Gomez acts out a flurry of emotions – happy, bored, anger, drama and surprised – and scrunches her face in a lineup of emoji reenactments she has teased on her Instagram account. The couple documents their runaway with a vintage Polaroid camera and camcorder. The video switches to filming Gomez on the retro recorder for takes of her running through an open field.

The yellow and orange undertones make Gomez pop, but the red convertible she and her beau steal catches ablaze when she lights it on fire to cover up their tracks. “If I could do it all again, I know I’d go back to you,” she sings on the chorus, while sneaking back into the party, inhabiting the same corner, and asking the same guy to do it all again.

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