Shakira Releases New Single “Chantaje,” Featuring Maluma

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29 Oct 2016 | Entertainment

It’s a serious case of musical blackmail for Shakira

The 39-year-old Colombian superstar has released her highly anticipated new single, “Chantaje,” featuring Maluma.

Shakira & Maluma

After revealing several details of her new single through guessing games on social media throughout the week, Shakira’s highly anticipated new single “Chantaje,” featuring Maluma, is finally here.

The pop/reggaeton-infused track, which Shakira promoted via guessing games on social media, is the first collaboration between the Colombian singers, although recently, Maluma premiered his remix to Shakira and Carlos Vives‘ summer hit “La bicicleta.”

After working on the remix, Maluma confessed to Billboard that he couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with the pop star again.

The “Chantaje” collaboration was made possible thanks to Sony Music, who proposed the idea after the “La bicicleta” remix.

“I was in Barcelona working with Shakira and it was an amazing experience,” Maluma says about the collaboration. “She’s a great artist and I learned a lot while working with her.”

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