“Skyfall,” Featuring a Bad, Bad Bardem, Makes Bond History

He may have met his maker in Skyfall, but Javier Bardem will forever be a part of Bond history…

Skyfall, the third Bond film featuring Daniel Craig as 007, earned a notable $87.8 million at the box office in its opening weekend, earning $90 million total domestically since its Thursday preview opening in IMAX theaters.

Javier Bardem & Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Since the film’s debut overseas in October, the insta-classic Skyfallwhich features Bardem as villainous ‪rogue agent Raoul Silva – has earned a whopping $518.6 million, making it the most successful Bond film to debut in the franchise’s history.

Skyfall has far outperformed the previous Bond films featuring Craig, including 2008’s Quantam of Solace ($67.5 million) and Casino Royale ($40.8 million.)

“It’s quite a testament to Bond, considering it’s the 50th anniversary. What a great anniversary present,” Rory Bruer, head of distribution at Sony, which produces the Bond films along with MGM, said of Skyfall’s early success.

Meanwhile, Bardem has been receiving rave reviews for his baddie role in the film. The Spanish actor, who won an Oscar winner for his creepy role in No Country for Old Men, seems to shine brightest as a villain.

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