Stella Santana Releases Her New Single “Steady”

Stella Santana is holding steady

The half-Mexican American singer, the daughter of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, has released her genre-blending song “Steady.”

Stella Santana

An ode to female energy and power, the mystical track offers dynamic songwriting that praises the potential and talent of mighty women.

Santana displays her inherited music pedigree with the help of stunning vocals and an authentic attitude.

“Steady” puts Santana’s raspy voice in the spotlight as she slides in with the frisky lyrics, “The boys look so good but their minds are not ready / That’s why I rather stick with my girls ’cause their minds are so steady.”

“I wanted to shine a light on how bossy not only the women around me are, but also the women I see and hear about every day, doing the most amazing work in their field,” she tells Billboard. “How we continually overcome and persevere through sexism, misogyny, racism and other examples of small-mindedness, which makes us even more powerful as we realize our goals as individuals and also as we support each other’s goals as women within our communities.”

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