Syntek Aiming to Bring Spanish Pop to U.S. Audiences with New Album “Romantico Desliz”

Aleks Syntek is ready to get American audiences to embrace Spanish pop…

The 44-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter is preparing to launch his new album in the United States.

Aleks Syntek

Entitled Romantico Desliz, Syntek’s latest sudio effort seeks to “praise human goodness and get back to believing in people,” the artist told Efe in an interview.

Syntek knows it isn’t easy to position Spanish-language pop music in the United States, partly because record labels tend to prefer “whatever is easy, whatever is selling.

“What’s happening is that people (in the U.S.), who previously listened to pop from Latin America are currently listening to music in English, they’re listening to Katy Perry or the Black Eyed Peas,” he said.

Describing it as a “lack of faith, of objectivity and of vision,” Syntek noted how record labels promote reggaeton, bachata and regional Mexican and ignore all the other forms of Spanish music.

As a strategy to penetrate the U.S. market without shedding his commitment to Spanish, Syntek pointed out the single “Riete de Amor hasta que Te Mueras,” his new song for the biopic about Mexican comedian Cantinflas.

“Riete de Amor hasta que Te Mueras,” composed as the movie’s theme song, will be launched in a bilingual version.

“What I want to do is sort of contradictory: jump into English to attract people to listen to pop in Spanish, with bilingual songs and with other kinds of strategies and even with another kind of marketing,” Syntek said.

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