Zaa to Release New Album “Mi Mejor Regalo,” a Tribute to the Late Joan Sebastian

Charlie Zaa is offering up a special tribute to the late Joan Sebastian

When the 41-year-old Colombian singer began working on his new album more than a year ago, he had no idea that the Mexican star would die within that time.

Charlie Zaa

Now, Zaa’s new album, Mi Mejor Regalo, a tribute to Sebastian, will come out this Fall on Sony Music following Sebastian’s death in July.

The timing is bitter sweet, considering that the notion of covering Sebastian made perfect sense for Zaa, who back in 1996 catapulted to fame by covering the music of bolero singer Julio Jaramillo in the album Sentimientos.

For his first recording in several years, Zaa teamed up with producer Sergio George, and decided Sebastian’s repertoire would also suit him.

Mi mejor regalo was recorded between November and February 2015 and was always envisioned as a special homage to Sebastian’s life. It has now turned into a posthumous homage that includes songs like “Secreto de Amor” and “25 rosas,” recorded in a fusion-like bolero style that incorporates bachata percussion, Mexican horns and bolero strings.

A first single, “Un idiota,” went to radio last week.