Garcia Bogliano to Direct the Swedish-Language Supernatural Thriller “Svart Cirkel”

It’s a Swede deal for Adrian Garcia Bogliano

The 35-year-old Spanish filmmaker is set to direct Svart Cirkel (Black Circle), a Swedish-language supernatural thriller starring Swedish icon Christina Lindberg, Quentin Tarantino’s inspiration for Kill Bill, through her role in 1973 Swedish cult classic thriller They Call Her One-Eye.

Adrian Garcia Bogliano

Black Circle centers on two sisters whose lives change dramatically after going through hypnosis using a mysterious vinyl album recorded in the 1970s.

“This is finally my opportunity to work with Christina Lindberg who has been one of my favorite actresses for many years,” said Bogliano. “She has an incredible presence and we’re getting an amazing cast and unique locations, that will make this movie something very different from anything you’ve seen from Swedish genre films.”

Garcia Bogliano, formerly Argentina-based, but now working out of Mexico, was a 2012 Austin Fantastic Fest five-prize winner with the Spanish-language film Here Comes the Devil.

A genre-auteur, Garcia Bogliano’s Black Circle is the latest genre, geographic and language permutation for the director whose English-language U.S. war vet/werewolf tale Late Phases bowed at 2014’s SXSW, while Scherzo Diabolico weighed in as a black comedy about a separating and out-of-work accountant’s kidnapping a teen girl, who proves his worst nightmare.

Black Circle’s cast also features award-winning Swedish actors such as Mathilda Paradeiser, Hanna and Erica Midfjäll, Madeleine Trollvik and singer Johan Palm.

MPI Media Group Acquires U.S. Rights to García Bogliano’s “Scherzo Diabolico”

Adrián García Bogliano will soon be making American audiences scream (and laugh)…

MPI Media Group has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to Scherzo Diabolico, the dark comic horror film from the 35-year-old Spanish writer-director.

Adrián García Bogliano

The film, which had its world premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, centers on an accountant (Francisco Barreiro) living an unbearably dull existence.

With a nagging wife who berates him for not being assertive enough, and a measly paycheck, he quietly suffers while awaiting a long-deserved promotion. But he has been secretly devising a scheme to finally get what he feels he is owed: One day he kidnaps a schoolgirl (Daniela Solo Vell) and stashes her in an abandoned warehouse. But what seems like the perfect plan soon unravels into his worst nightmare, and his carefully constructed scheme comes crashing down. 

The plan is to release the film, about a desperate man pushed to take an extreme action to alter his life, across multiple platforms in early 2016 via MPI’s genre arm Dark Sky Films.

It’s the latest pickup of a García Bogliano title by the indie distributor.