Natalia Lafourcade Releases “Veracruz,” an Homage to Her Native Land

Natalia Lafourcade continues to celebrate her motherland…

The 35-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter has released “Veracruz,” a song with folky swells composed by Maria Teresa Lara.

Natalia Lafourcade

It’s thefollow-up single to her forthcoming Un Canto por Mexicoin support of the Veracruz-based cultural space Centro de Documentación del Son Jarocho.

The song features wistful lyrics about her native port city, with the orchestra’s musical chops flowing seamlessly throughout. The Kiko Campos-produced song pays homage to Veracuz and to the Mexican bolero legend Agustín Lara, convoyed by the captivating guitar chords by Alger ErosaFernando Santiago on guitar and vihuelaMarco Antonio Santiago on guitarrón, Gounta Salaks on the harp, Isidro Martínez on trumpet and bugle, Juan Antonio Ramos on the flute, Cesar Pacheco on percussion and escorted by a robust chord section.