Trejo Seeks Crowdfunding Support for His Next Film “Social Security”

Danny Trejo is claiming his Social Security

The 72-year-old Mexican American actor and his Bad Ass franchise director Craig Moss are reteaming and going the crowdfunding route for their next tie-up, the action comedy Social Security.

Danny Trejo

The pair are eyeing a production start this year for the pic, which tells the story of Trejo, playing himself, who protects a retirement home from a group of menacing jewelry thieves.

It had been set up briefly at 20th Century Fox, where the duo made three Bad Ass films, the latest in 2015.

Now they’re looking for funding to make what they are calling “Die Hard in a retirement home.”

The Indiegogo campaign launched today.

Like the Bad Ass movies Moss also wrote the film, which was initially conceived by the filmmakers for Trejo’s 70th birthday.

Additional casting is in the works.

First Trailer Released for Trejo’s “Bad Asses” Film

Danny Trejo is back to kickin’ butt

The 69-year-old Mexican American actor known for his tough guy characters is reprising his role in Bad Ass in the sequel Bad Asses.

Danny Trejo

The first trailer sees Trejo’s character, old street hero Frank Vega, dodging bullets and blowing up a helicopter as he attempts to bring down a drug lord.

Bad Asses picks up where the first film left off… Frank opens a community center where he coaches young boxers. When his prized student is found dead, he finds himself in one life-threatening predicament after another. But this time, he’s bringing in backup, Bernie Pope (Danny Glover).

Craig Moss returns as the film’s director, while Andrew Divoff has been cast as the main villain.

Other cast members include Jacqueline Obradors, Charlie Carver and Jonathan Lipnicki.

The sequel is set for a DVD release sometime in 2014.

Trejo Takes on “Bad Ass” Role…

He’s played a baddie in films like Spy Kids, Desperado and Machete… But now Danny Trejo’s ready to star as a badass crime fighter.

The 67-year-old Mexican-American actor is starring in Bad Ass, a film that centers on a bearded man who isn’t afraid to deliver some serious street justice even though he’s old.

Danny Trejo Stars in Bad Ass

Trejo stars as Frank Vega, a Vietnam War vet who returns home only to be shunned by society. It’s not until forty years later when an incident on a commuter bus, where he protects an old black man from a pair of skinheads, makes him a local hero. When video of him punching the men hits the internet, he becomes a celebrated viral star and crime fighter.

The film is based on Epic Beard Man, an Oakland bus rider who encountered a similar situation, including delivering a whooping and becoming a viral video star.

Bad Ass is slated to hit theaters in 2012.